October Update: I got a new job, y’all

It’s been a while since my last post, so I wanted to post an update since a lot has changed in a few months.

After my time learning at General Assembly was over, I decided to do an apprenticeship program called Future Academy at AKQA, a global digital creative agency who works with clients like Audi, Nike, Activision, and some more that I think I’m not allowed to say.

In this 3-month program, artists/designers/techies come together and work on short sprints with AKQA employees to create new products or opportunities for clients.  One of my favorite projects was where we were given an open-ended prompt to create a product that we could concept, prototype, and pitch in a few days.  My team and I created a product that helps you never lose a shower thought again.  Here’s more-or-less how our pitch went:

Do you ever have brilliant ideas in the shower, but forget them as soon as you step on the bath mat? Introducing….STREAM, an Nest-type device that allows you to record a note and transcribes it to Evernote.

I was actually able to prototype this application using a Raspberry Pi (my first time using one!), the Google Cloud API, the Evernote API, a Flic Bluetooth button, and used Python as the language.  I have a presentation on my journey in creating it that I might put up.

Here are pictures of my cohort from my fellow future academist Yeoj’s camera.


At the end of the program, I had an offer to stay on.  So since September, I’ve been working as an Associate Software Engineer!  Currently I’m working on the front-end of the Audi website. I work mostly with JavaScript and SASS at this point (omg, maybe too much SASS for me to handle *z-snap*).

Other happenings that aren’t job-related:

  • I live in Oakland now. Patrick and I have an apartment with a patio filled with succulents and flowers, and I’m about a five minute walk from my favorite bakery. Life ain’t too bad.
  • I joined a rock climbing gym. Here’s to getting ripped / ripped off soon since I am scared of my regular gym commitment.
  • Like most people here, I have the upcoming election in mind more often than I wish I did. I probably tweet about it more than I should. I actually think lately I have *only* been tweeting about it & it has consumed my brainspace.  I also have been watching more and more videos of baby animals lately in order to cope, so there is only nonsense in my mind right now.

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