After two weeks

I naïvely thought that I would be able to keep up a blog during my time at General Assembly’s web dev bootcamp.

Oh, ignorant me.

This will be a quick update/re-cap, as I’m currently frustrated at CSS and JavaScript right now.

First week:

  • I met everyone! There’s a class of about thirty people and three instructors, and everyone has been very supportive and helpful.  All of us come from very different backgrounds, so it’s been exciting to see us all changing our careers at once.
  • I learned a little more about how the Internet works, though I could always learn more. We quickly went over HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript DOM manipulation.
  • On the third day, I created this Resume/Portfolio site. Much of the information is false right now, but it’s more about the creation and less about the content….though I do wish I had 60 years of programming experience 🙂
  • Over the weekend, our project was to create a tic-tac-toe game, which felt somewhat advanced just for the first week. I have had practice with DOM manipulation and JavaScript in the past, so it was less steep of a learning curve though it was still a struggle.  Let’s just say I did not get much sleep the night before.

Second week:

  • We learned several different things this week.  We started out with more practice using Github, which was especially useful for me since it’s still not immediately intuitive for me.  We also learned more about functional programming, callbacks, forms, jQuery, Bootstrap, Prototypes, OOP, and Ajax. It’s such a large variety of things, yet I see how they can all be used together.  Again, I’ve had some experience with some of this before, but I definitely needed the refresher.
  • I created a website where you input a photo of a sloth and a caption, and it posts the two onto the blog.  It’s kind of great.

Okay, really need to go and do my homework. Will post links to my projects later if I get any time.


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